Coronavirus The End of Human Race?

What Is a Coronavirus?

The name Coronavirus is not a single virus it is, in fact, a whole class of viruses, Its family is Coronaviridae, subfamily Orthocoronavirinae and order is Nidovirales. This class of virus causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. But the strain of coronavirus found in China is not like previously discovered coronavirus strains, This strain is reported as the most deadly virus ever found in the decade. You can imagine its scale as China planned to complete a hospital with 1000 beds for coronavirus patients just in 6 days.

Countries That Are Affected By Coronavirus?

The followings are the countries with the number of reported infections(1/27/2020). The numbers could increase by the time you read this.

  • Coronavirus in Nepal: 1
  • Coronavirus in Austria: 1 (Suspected)
  • Coronavirus in Canada: 1
  • Coronavirus in the U.S: 5
  • Coronavirus in France: 3
  • Coronavirus in South Korea: 3
  • Coronavirus in China: 1975
  • Coronavirus in Taiwan: 3
  • Coronavirus in Japan: 3
  • Coronavirus in Vietnam: 2
  • Coronavirus in Singapore: 4
  • Coronavirus in Thailand: 7
  • Coronavirus in Malaysia: 4
  • Coronavirus in Australia: 4
  • Coronavirus in Pakistan: 1(Suspected)

How dangerous is coronavirus?

Well, coronavirus is already in 15 countries and 50 plus people are dead because of it. It depends on us, what we do with the information that we have now. Every individual has to play a role to stop this epidemic. We can use a social media platform to share preventive information and Ideas that can help others. Coronavirus has been reported in 15 countries and the numbers are just increasing. If we don’t address it as a threat, sadly there is a possibility that the year 2020 could be the last year for humanity.

Coronavirus Is A Bioweapon?

For centuries many viruses were used as a bioweapon against other countries. There is a high chance that the coronavirus epidemic could be an act of war, a weapon that was used against Mainland China. The timing of the epidemic outbreak is still controversial. At the beginning of the new decade 2020, New Year Festival and on the Chinese New Year Festival, people tend to move more from places to places. Also, there were major geo-political events before this epidemic outbreak. Tensions included the China-US trade war and China’s reaction to the Iran-US crisis, but it is not confirmed yet the virus outbreak was natural or intentional.

How Coronavirus Will End Humanity?   

  • Coronavirus Incubation Period (10 To 14 Days)

For this, let’s understand the virus, Its incubation period is from 10 to 14 days. This means, If you are infected with this virus, you will show symptoms after 10 to 14 days from the first contact. But how it will cause the end of humanity?

  • Coronavirus Diagnoses Is Impossible Within Incubation Period

This is the major broken link that can lead to the world’s end. It seems like quarantines are working well at airports. We see quarantine workers with a detector like a gun, to diagnose virus infection. But they don’t know what they are doing, authorities already acknowledged that there is no way to diagnose before its incubation period. This missing link caused the Coronavirus epidemic to spread in 15 different countries. There is a lab in Canada that is developing an accurate diagnosis which can show the results after 24 hours. That is a major improvement in the coronavirus crises.

  • We Can Not Trust The Authorities On Coronavirus

As authorities tried to hide the death tool and an actual number of infected people in the previous Chinese SARS virus outbreak. It is likely the death toll is much more than just 50 causalities and the world is in more danger then the news we get from media. Authorities usually do this trick to stop mass panic in public and to hide their miss management.

  • No Vaccine Is Available For Coronavirus

No vaccine of coronavirus is available so far, It will take from 6 months to 1 year for labs to develop an effective vaccine because it includes trials, but we could be dead till then.

  • Coronavirus Epidemic is A Chain Reaction

This kind of virus infection can cover the whole planet very fast because it spreads like a chain reaction. 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8 and the numbers can go as far as the total population of mother earth 7.53 billion living souls.

  • Most Advance Virus

If it is a bioweapon then it can be the most advanced version of the virus, mode of transmission could be enhanced just by touching or it could in the water we don’t know how serious it could be.

  • Our Best Hope

Our best hope is the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO is still wanted to wait and see the number of casualties to determine whether to initiate an international emergency or not, which is most terrifying as things could go on either way. By the time we develop the vaccine, there could be only 1% of the earth’s population left.

  • Last Days Of Humanity

In this scenario, the quality of life will decrease by 1% of the last survivors. There will be a food shortage, as most of the available food already got expired before they even use it. They won’t have major companies to develop new food for them and they will not be able to find people with high skills and knowledge of the latest technology for food production and storage. It is a high possibility that survivers will start a massacre for food and domination. Resulting in total humanity wipeout. The end of the human age.


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