My story


It all started with an accident, two buses of same company (CPECC, UAE) were crashed with head on collision. I was sitting in the front row, I looked behind and everyone was upside down, bleeding badly, more then 70 were injured.

I tried to help but realized the my left leg was stuck.. But actually it was  fractured. Debris of windscreen pierced into my face like bullets. At last, I threw myself out of broken window


Road kills, but luckily, no one died, we all started to recover. but no one can forget the trauma of looking the death straight in the eyes. That huge accident near oil field was not even covered by native UAE media. How long we have to ignore the cause of reality, Someone needs to take action and save the world from lost causes

The Start up

 We can not stop new disease to emerging just like we can not stop accidents from happening. But, we can cure it, with innovation. Eventually I started a website “Savelostcause” which will unfold all lost causes. from accidents to global warming. But for now, I hosted my first innovation contest for accidents 

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Lost causes

These are the top causes that requires our attention seriously, we need to collaborate globally before its too late. 

No one deserve early death or highly depressing experiences, its up to us to regain the control or to make this place worse for next generations.


To Fight Back with Innovation

To discover the limits of possibilities by going beyond into impossible.  We need sustainable applicable and solutions for lost causes.

To Save The lost Humanity

We believe that global humanity can be attained by collaboration

our team

Dr. Tanvir Ali

PHD Agri, Extension (USA)

Dr. Tanvir was Dean of Social Sciences department, at University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Project manager (ITRCDB) and Ex Director Education & Extension IAERD, IBMS, Advanced Studies, U.A.F. He did his PHD at University of Minnesota, St. Paul, USA.

Talha Tanvir

Chief Executive Officer

Talha has major in Environmental sciences/ Agriculture. He has great leadership skills with ability to speak in many languages including Chinese, as he was graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University, China.


Dr. Tayyab Tanvir

Heart specialist

Tayyab is enthusiastic guitarist heart specialist and M.Sc. Microbiologist working at Punjab Institute of Cardiology.  He is working for social welfare since 2015. He is the founder of famous Facebook comic page on women empowerment. Piddi -Mango People

Tabraiz Tanvir

Medical student

Tabraiz is a medical student at highest ranked medical University of Pakistan (King Edward). He has great problem solving abilities with team work

Who is it for?

The initiative is aimed towards anyone who wants to shape the future and uplift the society.